Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh What Fun

Aiden has quickly become such a fun-loving toddler! I am constantly amazed by what he is learning and doing each day. He is such a fun kid to be around!
* I tried to write down all the words he can say, but quit around 100. This doesn't include all the names he knows. Most words are clear, but there are some that only we understand. For example, he says "noah" for snowman. "Poo-doh" can mean pillow, play-doh, or potato - we just have to look at the context to figure out what he means! lol
* He is LOVING Christmas. The lights, the tree, the ornaments, the presents, the movies, EVERYTHING!! When I get him up in the morning he immediately says, "Push! Push!". He wants to push the button to turn on the tree lights.
* He has done a great job looking at the ornaments and not taking them off the tree. He likes to name them - Woody, Buzz, Santa, "noah", Frosty, star, reindeer, ...... Can't get enough of them!
* He is really into watching TV, but only gets one show in the morning and sometimes one while I cook dinner. Current favorites are Elmo's World, Toy Story, Thomas the Train, and Barney. He is also really into Christmas movies.
* When we go to my parents, he knows that Grammy's computer has video clips of Austin's football games. He'll ask to watch them. The boy loves football (and Austin)! We went to three of Austin's games this season and he intently watched every one.
* He still loves books and will bring them to anyone to read. He is beginning to fill in words while we're reading, especially in his favorite books.
* Still has to have a blankie (or three or four) and Elmo when he goes to sleep.
* He has gotten so good about going to Bible class and Mother's Day Out. Usually no tears! When I pick him up, the first thing he says is, "Play! Play!". I guess he has fun!
* When we ask him what he learned in Bible class he'll usually say, "Noah .... ark .... animals."
* Loves playing with hats, choo-choos, cars, dinosaurs, and Mr. Potato Head.
* He will ask to listen to music. If I ask him what song, he always says, "ABCs."
* He can identify and name most of the "common" animals and can say what sound they make.
* We are trying to teach him to ride his tricycle. His legs are just a tad too short, but he loves to push it around!
We are thoroughly enjoying our little man!

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