Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas morning finally arrived (at a glorious 9:00!) in our house. Santa had come and left Aiden a talking Elmo. He moves, sings, and tells stories and jokes. He also filled Aiden's stocking with other Sesame Street goodies and lots of fun toys! The Elmo quickly became a favorite!
After we all opened our stockings we ate breakfast (yummy homemade monkey bread) and then opened the rest of our presents.Aiden got some more Elmo's World videos,a talking Thomas the Train phone, an Elmo play-doh set that cuts shapes (it also talks and tells you what each shape is),a magnetic Thomas and Friends book (sooooo great for church),
a large truck that holds all his cars,

and a Woody doll.

We had a great time playing with all our new stuff. We stayed in our pajamas all day! Last year Aiden wasn't quite crawling yet and could just sit and play with toys (well mostly paper and boxes). What a difference a year makes! He was so into Christmas and loved everything. A child after my own heart! And yes, technically, it was a white Christmas (barely!).
Now on to a new year and new adventures!

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