Tuesday, January 25, 2011

He's a Mess

So, a jar of sprinkles fell off the pantry door today and the bottom of the jar busted. When Aiden picked up the jar, sprinkles went everywhere! So, why not have a little fun?! Mmmmmm ...... they are so good!

It's these moments that make me so happy to be home all day with him. Love this kid!

Let It Snow

Last Thursday we had our second "big" snow for the year. We had a snow day the week before, but it wasn't quite as much. Let me tell you, I love snow. I am a Florida girl at heart and was raised in a land where it hardly ever got below freezing, but I have always loved the white stuff. It's so clean and pretty and I can't get enough of it - especially when I can stay home.
Nothing starts a snow day better than cinnamon rolls - ahhhh, comfort food! Aiden enjoyed the icing! Then we bundled up and headed out to play. That just meant that we put our snow clothes on over our flannel pjs. A good snow day requires being in comfy clothes all day long.Ready to roll! It was BRIGHT out by lunchtime and had quit snowing.
It is hard to get back up once you've fallen. Poor kid!Must taste some! Love his mittens covered in snow! He has two pairs on each hand. His thick pair he got for Christmas were still a little big, so we just doubled up on the thin ones.He may be getting a little tired.
And what's a snow day without snow cream?!

My teacher friends may curse me for saying this, but I hope we get a few more of these wonderful white days this winter. This snow was not good snowman snow and we didn't get the chance to go sledding. :)