Monday, June 25, 2012

Three Months Old

Our precious girl continues to grow and grow. Just another month until she can start eating cereal. Wow! Right now she...
*sleeps about 6-8 hours when she goes to bed and generally only wakes up once in a 12 hour period at night. She will put herself to sleep if I lay her in her bed with a paci and cover her with a blanket. It's so nice.
*does great with her bedtime routine. We bathe her, I nurse her, and then it's off to dreamland. She's typically asleep by 9:00 or 9:30.
*is in her 3-6 months but some of them are seeming to get a little snug. Not sure if that's because the cloth diapers are taking up the extra space in her clothes or if she is going through a growth spurt.
*wears size 2 diapers when she is in disposable diapers (which is not that often).
*is eating every 3.5 to 4 hours.
*takes a good morning nap and then a longer nap in the afternoon when Aiden naps. Sometimes she'll take another cat nap before bed depending on how long her previous naps were.
*is such pleasant baby! She is all smiles and loves to watch what is going on around her. Aiden can really get her to smile!
*still cooes a lot and has recently even laughed a few times!
*is starting to sit at the table during Bible class. Her teachers say she watches everything and "talks" the whole time.
*has "found" her hands and will put them together in front of her face and just stare at them.