Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas #1

We split Christmas into three parts this year. Two weekends before Christmas we spent with my family in Hot Springs. It was during this weekend that Aiden acquired a most beloved new playmate. Enter the 62" stuffed dog into our lives. Thank you Uncle Austin! Aiden LOVES him and asks every morning to go,"Hug puppy." I have to say that even though he SHEDS like crazy, he is well behaved, quiet, and hasn't had any accidents in the house. I owe an even bigger thank you to Austin for not getting Aiden a real dog. Just remember Austin, paybacks are huge!Bringing Austin some doggy hair. Yep, he loves that dog!Choo-choos were also a big hit this year!Can you tell that he was the center of attention and our entertainer all weekend?!?Sitting in Pappaw's chair. It vibrates and is way fun!Chillin' with Papa before bedtime.He loves his Elmo chair at Grammy's!We ended a great weekend with a fever on Sunday morning. He has two more eye teeth popping through on the bottom and they are not agreeing with him. Poor baby! That's teeth #9 and #10 in the past four months! And yes, the cats think this dog is wonderful too! (Isn't it just huge?!?)

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