Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Real Life

Most of my blogs have been about specific events or milestones in our lives. They are filled with stories, good pics, and memorable moments. But what about everyday, ordinary events in our lives? Yesterday I decided to keep the camera close by and capture a day in Aiden's life. These pics aren't posed, they are perfect. His clothes may have milk on them, his nose may be running, he still has fever blisters on his lips, but let's face it - this is real life!

He found a box of Cheez-Its in the living room that had been left out the night before. He decided to help himself while I was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. He was quite proud of himself and didn't spill any! So much for a clean kitchen. Almost every morning he pulls all the Tupperware lids out of the cabinet. I think he just likes to make messes. Fortunately he is getting old enough to help me put them away.

In the midst of playing with the lids he realized that the cat was hiding in the laundry hamper. Poor cat didn't see Aiden coming and ends up cornered, but not for long.
The cat managed to escape and thankfully neither baby nor feline were harmed during the encounter! So then he just had an empty hamper to play with which was just as much fun.

Caught climbing! He has figured out how to climb up on anything that's low. Now that he can climb on the toy box he will do it anytime the door to the office has been left open.

He is a little less eager to get back down off things however.

It's the little things in life that mean the most. God has blessed us with the best little thing ever!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

On Safari

Monty's sister was in town this weekend so we decided to go have some fun at the Wild Wilderness Drive Through Safari. We were not disappointed. There are 5 miles of road that wind through various animal habitats.

Some animals keep their distance while others are right up in your face! Take this emu for instance! He wanted to know what was going on in our car. At one point Monty had the window rolled down and was taking some pics. Aiden was leaning out the back window and Crystal and I were supposed to be watching for animals (windows are supposed to be rolled up at all times!). Out of nowhere this emu comes up from the rear and gets pretty close to the car before we see him and get the windows up. They just look scary and mean! I am convinced they are only there as protectors of the animals. If you even think about getting out of your car, they'll change your mind real fast! The zebra wasn't shy and Aiden was trying to pet him and give him kisses through the window.

The camel greeted each car as it came along.There were so many animals! I was really impressed! After the drive through part there was an extensive petting zoo. Aiden was enthralled with the baby goats and tried hugging them all. He wanted to touch the chickens but they weren't so cooperative!

The calf and the water buffalo just walked along with us.The lemur just relaxed in the shade while everyone petted him. He was too cute!
The sweet baby tigers were down for a nap so we couldn't pet them. :(
Mr. Peacock struttin' his stuff!
What else did we get to pet? Bunnies, monkeys, turtles, donkeys, mama goats, a baby porcupine, and so much more! What a fun day!