Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!

On Aiden's birthday we celebrated at home with presents and a homemade (by Mommy!) cake!We forgot to tell him the candle wasn't exactly edible. Oops! He dug right into the cake and really enjoyed getting the "frinkles" off the top.Not as messy as last year, but still just as cute. Can't believe how big he looks!And then onto the presents. He was so excited about the presents that it was hard to get a lot of good pics. He did sit still long enough to play with his new tracks and talking James engine.Still working on his form for t-ball! ha! Aiden and Daddy have a lot of practicing to do! He also got some animal "maggots" (magnets) and a big metal dump truck. What a great way to celebrate turning two!

Celebrating at School

Aiden got really good at celebrating his birthday this year. He had three different parties! The first celebration (on April 28) was with his friends at Creation Corner. I made caterpillar cupcakes, which he thought were really cool. Diggin' into some yummy cupcakes!Aiden and Jacoby are only two days apart, so we celebrated together!All his little friends were just too cute. Gotta love how they ate the icing and left the cupcakes!
We are so thankful for our teachers and friends at school! Aiden has had a great year and has learned so much!