Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve this year was wonderful! Monty was off and so we stayed home and made some family memories. After traveling the two previous weekends, it was nice to relax andjust be together as a family of three. No schedules to keep and no places to go - it. was. awesome. We love our extended family and have a great time with them, but there's something to be said for creating our own traditions. So ... first up we made cookies for Santa. Aiden found a great recipe for us! He was ready to cook! Anytime I am in the kitchen he gets his "big chair" and scoots it over to help (or make a mess or play in the sink ....). Mix all the ingredients together .... (If you don't have the petite wooden spoons from Pampered Chef, they are great for little helping hands.)And then comes the good part!He's just got to figure out how everything works ....A few hours (a trip to Walmart and a new shirt) later, and we are ready to cut those cookies. Glad there is room for error because he didn't quite get the whole process of cut one cookie then move your cookie cutter to a new spot before attempting to cut the second cookie.Can you tell who got to shake the sprinkles on the cookies?Being a big boy and helping clean up the MESS!Eating a cookie. Couldn't get him to unglue his eyes from whatever Christmas movie was on TV.Our yummy "dinner". We have fruit, meat, and bread - that's almost all the food groups. ha We snacked in front of the TV and watched a few Christmas movies. Then it was time to set out milk and cookies for Santa and head to bed.Decked out in Christmas pjs ready to dream about what Santa would bring!
I'm pretty sure this is close to what all Christmas Eves will look like for the Blairs. We would welcome any family or friends to join us! Love going and seeing everyone, but there's just something special about crawling in your own bed on Christmas Eve and walking into your own living room on Christmas morning to see what goodies Santa has left.

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