Friday, August 31, 2012

Eight Months

Makenzie is EIGHT months old!!  Right now she is busy, busy, busy - crawling everywhere and pulling up on anything.  She has been crawling on her hands and knees since about seven months.  Now she has gone to this funny crawl where she keeps her knees off the ground and basically goes around on her hands and feet.

We call her our little squealer because she is constantly "talking". LOUD.  It is almost like she is crying, but she is perfectly happy.

The kid eats anything.  I mean anything - rocks, grass, little pieces of dust ... :) Really though, she is a great eater and loves finger foods as well as baby food.  I am still giving her some homemade baby food, but really she prefers food she can pick up herself.  She still nurses about four times a day and will take formula if necessary.  We have started giving her juice in a cup and she does great with that.

She is in 6-12 month clothing these days even though a few of her 6 month outfits still fit her.  Her teeny tiny little feet are still a size 1.

She is an incredible sleeper.  Just lay her in bed and she's off to sleep!  Still 8-5 each night and then, after a quick snack, she's back to sleep till about 8:30.  She will take one or two naps each day.

As far as teeth go, she still just has the bottom two.  The top two are right at the surface and I expect them to break through any day.

She is such a happy baby and started Mother's Day Out at church one day a week.  Her and Aiden are there from 9-1:30 on Thursdays.  It's nice to get a little "Mommy Time"!

We are gearing up for our first camping trip of the fall next week.  I expect Makenzie will love it!

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