Friday, October 19, 2012

Nine (and a half) Months

My dear Makenzie - You are such a fun baby!!  You are into everything and Aiden is learning that he better keep his toys picked up or you will get them.  You love to crawl and are really good at pulling up and standing alone.  No steps alone yet, but you can walk behind all your push toys.  A couple times you have even stood up from a sitting position with no assistance!  Walking soon??  Maybe so.  In other news ....

* You have your top two teeth now.  That's four total.  You are a pro at biting Veggie Straws now - one of your favorite snacks.
* You can wave and clap your hands.  You will clap on command.  You'll wave when you feel like it.
* It's hard to know if you are saying any "real" words, but it sure does sound like you are saying "Hey!" when you wave at someone.  You say "dadadadada" a lot and will look and find Daddy when we ask, "Where's Daddy?".  Other than that, you just ramble on with a bunch of sounds strung together.  You love to talk to yourself when you are going to sleep.
* We have been on two camping trips in the last month and you were great 3 out of 4 nights.  The second night of our first trip you screamed. a lot.  We ended up driving an hour back home in the middle of the night.  You promptly went to sleep in your bed and slept all night.  Stinker!  The second trip you were awesome!
*  Still in 6-12 month and 12 month clothes and are now pretty much wearing size 2 shoes.
* You love to be outside!  I can open the sliding door and you love to play in the deck while I do work in the kitchen.
* You hate having stuff on your head - hoods, bows, hats - so it will be interesting trying to keep your head warm this winter. :)

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