Monday, September 13, 2010

D-elightful, E-xciting, and F-un

I am finally getting around to updating our blog! The last few weeks have been busy with dentist appointments, a huge Rhea Lana consignment sale (which of course required my attendance several times over the course of a week!), Aiden starting Mother's Day out one day a week at church, Ladies Bible Class resuming, a visit from Monty's parents, and a trip to Hot Springs.

But, we are still having fun and trying to learn a little each day! I am amazed at how quickly he learns. I am constantly surprised by some of the stuff he comes up with. For example, last week I heard the sliding glass door open. I came around the corner to find that Aiden had pushed a dining room chair over to the door, unlocked the door, and opened it! He had decided it was time to go out and play. Such are the adventures of a curious and busy toddler! Reminder to self - Always keep the bar in the doorway so the glass door cannot be slid open.

We played Scrabble this weekend and Aiden kept getting in our laps and reaching for the letters. He'd say, "ABCDs!" as he was attempting to grab them. He may not know the difference between the letters, but at least he understands what a letter is.

Here he is doing one of his new favorite activities. He loves to take things in and out of containers. Whether it's taking things out of kitchen drawers and putting them in the garbage can or emptying and refilling his tub of cars, he is so entertained by moving objects. He so enjoyed burying the animals in the beans and taking them out again. We did it for 30 minutes and he never once took a single bean out of the container. We'd bury the animals and he'd find them. We talked about how dogs like to bury bones and go find them later.Coloring is also something he has recently come to enjoy. I found this great Sesame Street coloring book with all the letters of the alphabet. Anything with Elmo is a HUGE hit these days.Family and football week started with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma got some good snuggles at night while Aiden had his milk before bedtime.Grandpa and Aiden sharing a book before bed.
We made a book with all of Aiden's family. Monty designed the pages. Here is an example of what one looks like:There are a lot of family members that we don't see on a regular basis and I want Aiden to begin to recognize their faces and be able to say their names.

Aiden colored cards for all of his grandparents and great-grandparents.He has gotten really good at putting stickers on paper. Had to share some Sesame Street stickers with the grandparents!Friday night we went to watch Austin play football.Aiden did GREAT!!! He sat the entire time and was mesmerized by the game. He sat with Uncle Perry the entire first quarter and then we just passed him around. Notice him holding on tight to the balloon. Everyone else let their balloons go when the team ran out on the field. He looked at the balloons in the air and then grabbed onto his with both hands!Still holding the balloon ....Still holding on ....Poor baby is SOOOO hot natured. It really was a nice enough night but he just sweats and sweats when he is outside.He just loves his uncles!Had to snap this shot of my lil gangsta baby!

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