Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Last week we had fun with cars (and trucks!). "Truck" is one of Aiden's newest words and he points them out everywhere! If he hears anything loud outside drive by, he stops, listens, and says, "Truck!". Here are some of the books we read this week. I loved Red, Stop! Green, Go! It was another one of my thrift store finds and is a companion book to Go, Dog. Go! It has flaps to lift, wheels to turn, and tabs to pull. A very fun book! What's a week about cars without a trip to the car wash? Aiden was a little enthralled at first...
Then he wasn't so keen on the idea! I let him get out of seat and he calmed down a little, but I don't think we'll make a return trip anytime soon!
I can't get over how much he loves play-doh. He loves to squish it and pull it apart. Then he wants me to flatten it out so he can push his cookie cutters in it.

He has lots of "little kid" cars that he enjoys playing with. For our week of car fun I pulled out the "real" cars and the car play mat. He had a ball! Now he likes them better than his Tonka cars! We practiced "stop" and "go" while he was driving the cars. Well, mostly he watched Mommy stop and go. He's pretty much just a go, go, go kinda kid! lol
And then there was the painting! Oh the painting ...... !!! He made a mess and tried to eat the paint at first, but once he realized he could put color on the plate, he was a very focused artist!

Here is our final product! It hangs on the fridge and we talk about the words and the colors every day.

We also rolled cars in paint and painted the letter C and had lots of races on the Tonka race tracks. I have a playlist of songs on the ipod for each week. A lot stay the same, but I change others each week. Aiden loves listening to music and now asks for me to turn it on. He's just so much fun!!

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