Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We have had the windows open all week and it feels GRAND! We're under two quilts at night and can comfortably walk around barefoot during the day. Love this time of year! I got all the fall decorations out of the attic and spruced up the house a bit. The Yankee Candles are burning. I have all my favorites, including Mulling Spices, Red Apple Wreath, and Cinnamon Stick. Most of the time I burn them all together creating a lovely fall aroma. So yummy!The porch even got a few decorations this year! It's nice to drive up to the house and see a pretty porch. Makes it a little more homey!The pumpkins are all in place adorning window sills, tables, and tops of furniture. I love my new fall tray! It looks so cozy sitting on the dining room table. Aiden learned real quick that it is not to messed with. lol When we have company for Thanksgiving, I will fill the bowls with goodies to eat.The shelf in the dining room is my favorite. Love the leaves (which are also on the tops of all the kitchen cabinets) and small pumpkins and berries.Here are books from "G" week. Not many books about geese, but I found these at the library. Aiden is learning the sounds animals make, so the Down on the Farm book was a big hit!He really gets into art projects! Seriously painting his letter G.It is apparently a lot more fun to paint with two paintbrushes.Next day ... gluing feathers on his "G" goose
It's camping weather and we'll be headed to CampQuest with our church next weekend. Can't wait!!

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