Saturday, August 7, 2010

A is for Apple

It's back to school time!! I've always loved getting ready to go back to school and buying new school supplies. As a teacher I loved planning out a new school year, decorating my classroom, and welcoming new students. Every year when Walmart puts out the school supplies, I get a little excited. This year was no different. So, I decided that I would plan out a year of fun (and learning) for Aiden! Every week we'll focus on a different letter and color. Aiden LOVES to read, so I've found books to go with each week's theme. This week we read:
Aiden loved fingerpainting outside. The first thing he did was taste it (it was made of flour and water) and then he played in it.

Foam letters for the bathtub were a big hit. Right now we're learning 1-4. Each week I'll put new letters in to play with.

Play-doh fun with circle and "A" cookie cutters.

Practicing self-feeding skills while eating applesauce.

Making apple crisp with yummy homemade apple pie filling from Grammy's apple trees.

We're having lots of fun learning every day!!


KYLADYBUG2010 said...

Pops said "he sure has a great teacher."

Loved the pictures.

Courtney said...

You are so creative! Aiden is blessed to have a mommy that cares so much about him. Have fun this year learning new things together :)