Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Thank goodness we did our Easter pics a couple weeks before Easter! Easter Sunday was WET!!! The day Monty took these was perfect and Aiden was in a pretty cooperative mood. All day long I told him we were going to take pictures so he needed to sit real still and say, "Cheese!" for Daddy. He totally understood what was expected. We got to the park, he went and sat down by the flowers, looked at Monty, smiled, and said, "Cheese!". After that moment we were "chasing" him down trying to get good shots! LOL Next time, we'll talk about the fact that he has to be still for more than one picture. Oh well, such is the life of a two year old! As usual, Monty still got some great ones!Easter weekend Grammy came to visit so we made homemade rolls and monkey bread.Aiden enjoyed dying eggs. I was impressed at how easily the dye came off his hands. And believe me, there was a lot of dye on his little hands.We made rice krispy treats in the shape of eggs.As soon as we got one made, it was eaten! lolLook at the yummy eggs! We sent them home to Papa for egg salad sandwiches.The Easter Bunny came to visit while we were at church.Aiden was so excited about Cookie Monster. He immediately grabbed it said, "Give Elmo a hug!". Like they were long lost buddies that had finally been reunited. So sweet.Very seriously reading his new Toy Story 3 book.

We al had a wonderful weekend are so thankful we have the resurrection to celebrate - not just this Sunday, but every day!

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