Tuesday, May 4, 2010

He's One!

Our precious Aiden turned one on Sunday! So hard to believe. We celebrated with a big birthday weekend full of family and friends. My mom came on Friday morning to help with Aiden while I finished up all the last minute cleaning and cooking. She brought him a red rocker for his birthday. Her and my dad bought it for me when I was 18 months old. Dad refinished it so it was as good as new for Aiden. He loves it and has already learned how to crawl in and out of it.

We went to Tulsa Friday afternoon to pick up my brother, Andy, from the airport. He flew in from Seattle to help us celebrate. We were so glad he got to come. Monty's mom, dad, and sister came in to town Friday afternoon. They were able to watch Aiden while we went to the airport. They enjoyed getting to spend so much time with him! Monty's grandparents also made the trip from Alabama for this special occasion. Aiden's party went great! My brother, Alex, his wife, Amber, and my grandparents came from Hot Springs. Aiden is such a happy kid. He had a great time visiting and playing with everyone!
Amber made his first birthday cake! She did a great job!!

He had a great time opening all his presents. On a side note, it's time for me to clean out his toys in order to make room for all his new cool stuff. Addyson and Hallie were a great help opening his new toys! They'll be two soon so they know what presents are all about!

Aiden was very particular about his cake. He took the snake off and ate that first. Then he carefully picked up handfuls of cake and ate it. He did not smash it or play in it. The green icing still made a mess so we got some good pics. (That's the purpose of cakes, right?!?)
My dad and brother, Austin were able to come up Saturday evening when Austin was done with his track meet in Hot Springs. It was good to have the whole family together. That doesn't happen too often. Did I get a picture? Of course not! We were too busy having fun for that I guess!
Here are some things I want to remember about Aiden as a one year old:
* He has started taking some steps - as many as six or seven at a time!
* His vocabulary is increasing. He can say mama, daddy, kitty, bye, out, and balloon (pronounced "ba-yoo"). Last week at church he saw his friend Addyson sitting behind us and he yelled out, "Addy!".
* He is OBSESSED with helium filled ballons. He will point them out at stores and get soooo excited. It's hilarious!
* We were very blessed during his first year of life. He only got sick (enough to go to the doctor) with allergies once and he had NO ear infections or other sicknesses!! I was also able to breast feed for the whole year! That was a prayer answered.
It's Tuesday now and everyone is back at home. Time for us to get back to life as we know it!

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