Thursday, April 1, 2010

11 Months

It's hard to believe that a month from now we'll be celebrating Aiden's first birthday! It doesn't seem like he's been here that long. We have been blessed with such a wonderful little boy. Every day is a joy and I am thankful that I get to stay at home and enjoy every minute of it! Monty is such a great husband! He works so hard to provide us with what we need and realizes how important it is for me to be at home with Aiden. Kids only grow up once and I am glad that I am able to experience all the new things that Aiden is learning to do each day.

He is into EVERYTHING these days. His favorite places are in the cabinets and climbing onto the dishwasher door when I am trying to unload it.

He is eating almost everything we're eating and we haven't found anything that he doesn't like. This week his fourth tooth on the top finally broke through. So far I see no more teeth on the bottom or any sign of one year molars starting to come in. He is very proficient at using his front teeth to take bites of food. He still won't pick up anything that is too squishy.

Every day he stands alone and more and more but still hasn't taken any steps. Maybe he'll be walking soon!

We are so glad that the weather has warmed up because Aiden loves to go outside! The back patio is the perfect place to crawl and he actually stays on the concrete! The boy cannot stand to crawl in the grass. He'll sit in it all day long, but will not crawl in the yard. He'd rather be on the rough concrete. Go figure! Hopefully we'll be able to take lots of trips to the park this summer.

Aiden and I went to Alabama about 2 weeks ago to visit my grandmother. He got to meet another one of his second cousins, Bryce.

It's about to get real busy around here. Next week we are going on a mini vacation to St. Louis for two days with our good friends, Josh and Tracie. The next weekend we will be busy having a garage sale and building a fence (thanks in advance to my brothers, Alex and Austin). The first weekend in May we'll be partying with all our family to celebrate Aiden's birthday. Then we'll wrap up May with a week long camping trip to Mt. Rushmore. Can't wait!!

Here is Aiden and his Uncle Austin sporting their almost matching shirts before church on Sunday. And yes, Aiden does have a bruise on his head in almost every picture. It seems like each time he falls it's on the EXACT same spot. We joke that he's a little top heavy!

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