Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Beginning of October

Fall is here! I love this time of year when the weather cools, the leaves change color, and there is college football on tv again. The Hogs have not done as well as I had hoped so far this season, but I was completely impressed with their last win over Auburn. Monty's Crimson Tide are having another great season and if they stay on track, they'll be playing again in the SEC Championship Game!

Aiden is loving solid foods! So far he's eaten green beans, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and pears. He is not a huge fan of the green beans, but loves everything else. I am making his baby food and have enjoyed that task. I love to cook, so this is my way of cooking for my sweet baby! It's really not as time consuming as I expected it would be. I just took one day and made A LOT of food then froze it in ice cube trays. Now I have the cubes stored in the deep freeze in ziploc bags and can just pull out what I need for each day. When I find fresh fruits and veggies on sale I can just cook, puree, and freeze for later! Last week I found kiwis for $0.10 each and avacodo for $0.25 each.

Aiden is able to sit on his own now for pretty good chunks of time and can almost roll over from his back to his stomach. He loves to watch the cats and gets the biggest grin when he catches sight of one. They have been very patient with him and will sit next to him for a short time so he can pet them.
Sleeping has been horrible this month. He still goes to bed at his normal time but is up most nights every 3-4 hours. I am hoping this gets better soon. I was so used to him sleeping at least 6 (but usually 7-8) hours when he went to bed! He typically takes 2 naps a day, but they are only 45 minutes long. Whoever said babies this age need 12-15 hours of sleep each day forgot to tell Aiden! :) I have to say that thankfully his Sunday naps are 1.5-2 hours so we both get a good rest!

This has been a busy month already and we still have half a month to go. The first weekend we went camping with our church in Branson. It was cold at night, but the daytime was great. Aiden did well in the tent and besides being a little congested, had fun! Saturday my friend Tracie and I went shopping and we took the kids along with us. Tracie has a daughter, Addyson, that 16 months old, so she and Aiden entertained each other. He loves to watch other children!

Last weekend we went to a pumpkin patch in Missouri. Aiden loves to be outside so this was perfect for him. We took some pictures of him with the pumpkins. Of course he was more interested in trying to eat the pumpkins and play with the grass. He and Addyson had a fun time playing in the "corn box" - instead of sand there's dry corn kernels. Again, he just wanted to eat the kernels! :)
Next week we are headed to Hot Springs for my brother's wedding. Aiden and I will go down on Wednesday and Monty will come on Friday. The wedding is on Sunday, so we will stay through Monday.

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