Thursday, February 17, 2011

So We Got Some Snow

We have had some "great" winter weather the past couple weeks! I love the snow and am not complaining one bit. It was cold, but it was beautiful. Monty got to work from home a few days and Aiden and I had fun just sticking around the house and playing.

Tuesday, February 1 it snowed about 6-8 inches, depending on where you were. The counties directly above us in MO were under a blizzard warning, so we were pretty thankful to get as little as we did. The snow followed about 1/2" of sleet and ice. The roads were a mess for a couple days. The side roads never really got cleared at all. Fast forward three days and the weather man was calling for a dusting on Friday, February 4. Yeah, we ended up with about 4 more inches of the the fluffy stuff. The main roads that were once clear are now covered again and the side roads just got worse. We live on a main road so we did okay with being able to get out and about.
The next Tuesday the 10:00 forecast projected we'd get about 5" more snow. By this time the small rural schools had been out for 6 days because the plows had yet to clear all the back roads. Wednesday morning Monty got up to check on the snowfall totals. In my sleepy state (from under my warm covers) I asked if it was snowing. He said, "Yes. Quite a bit." This was at 6:30. By the time Aiden and I got up around 9:00 there was probably about a foot on the ground. And yes, it was still coming. All said, we got around twenty inches. That's almost two feet!! Crazy! However, since there was no ice, Monty was able to shovel the driveway that day. The plow came and cleared the road and we were able to get out that night.

It is still amazing to me just how much snow there was. A week later and it's in the 70s outside and the snow is gone. Aiden enjoyed the snow so much. Every time we went outside he wanted to wear his boots and walk in the snow. He loved walking across parking lots and stomping in the slushy mess. Such a boy! We are so thankful God gave us His beauty to enjoy.

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