Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Carving of a Pumpkin

This week we've been learning about the letter J, so making a Jack-o-lantern was the perfect activity! We picked out the perfect pumpkin during our Saturday outing to Right Choices Pumpkin Patch. Aiden loved the pumpkin shovel and was ready to get to work when we got home.My friend Tracie mentioned that Hobby Lobby had Elmo templates for pumpkin carving. Monty decided it would be easier to just make our own. Perfect for our Elmo loving boy!Aiden didn't know quite what to think of the pumpkin guts.So of course, tasting them seemed like the right thing to do. I think he actually liked it!Then was just ready to play with the pumpkin while Monty and I cleaned it out.He thought he was big stuff because he got to sit on the table and play. He had such a great time!He decided to go get his own shovel and help scoop out the inside.While Monty was carving the face, Aiden picked up all the scraps and threw them in the trash. Right now he is obsessed with throwing anything in the garbage. I am constantly finding spoons, toys, and cups in the kitchen trash can!Check out his hand! FILTHY!!! This shows me how much fun he had!Monty got Elmo all carved out and Aiden was so proud of it!! I was really impressed with how it turned out!After dinner and a much needed bath, we lit Elmo and let Aiden go outside and see it. He loved it!

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Elly said...

looks like he had a blast! that elmo pumpkin looks awesome!!