Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 Vacation - Part 2

Day 7 - Thursday, May 27

Today we did some driving through the Needles Highway and the Custer State Park Wildlife Loop. OOPS!! I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera so there are no pics from that part of the day! Monty took a lot, but I have to resize his to fit on Blogger and I just don't really feel like doing that right now! We did enjoy the drive though and saw a chipmunk, buffalo, pronghorn, and a donkey (not even kidding). You used to be able to ride donkeys through the park so when they stopped using them for tours they let them go in the park. Now they roam free. The one we saw was standing next to a car while the man inside was feeding him cookies. I don't think you're really supposed to feed them ......

You can feed wildlife of the human variety and boy does this kid LOVE to eat! He'll eat pretty much anything! Here he is enjoying BBQ and baked beans!

Our Rushmore pass is good for the rest of the year so we decided to go back and visit one more time before heading home. It amazes me every time how they were able to carve such perfect faces into the rock. It is such an awesome sight and I think it's something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Aiden, as always, loved being outside and running around. Monty got some good shots of him that are so precious (just too big for Blogger).
We try and get a Christmas ornament each time we go on a trip. This family photo will go in the ornament we bought at Mt. Rushmore. Every December when we decorate the tree we remember the fun places we've visited together. We love to travel and have enjoyed seeing lots of new places! This trip we went to 4 new states (IA, SD, WY, and MN), 2 National Parks, 3 National Monuments/Memorials, and 1 National Historical Site. Day 8 - Friday, May 28

Time to head home! We got packed up and headed out of town at about 10:00. On our way our we stopped and bought some goodies from one of the downtown stores. I got rocky road fudge and Monty picked out a "pigtail" (a pretzel rod dipped in caramel and then white chocolate) and an orange creamsicle treat. It was all so good. I even managed to make my fudge last a couple days!

We saved Badlands National Park for the way home since it was basically just a drive through park. Monty got our at several of the pull over areas to take pics while I opted to stay in the car with Aiden. It was SO hot that day! We all got out at the visitor center to stretch our legs before hitting the road again.

Near the Badlands is the Minuteman Missile Site. This was a nuclear missile site. Unfortunately we missed the tour for the day and we really couldn't see anything from the visitor center. So that stop was pretty much wasted. However they had nice picnic tables so we were able to eat lunch and launch out again across the state of South Dakota.

Having never been to Minnesota before, we decided to cross the border and spend the night. We were soooo exhausted when we finally went to sleep that night.

Days 9 & 10 - Saturday and Sunday, May 29 & 30

After leaving MN Saturday morning we drove to Kansas City to spend the night. We have an atlas (that's a book form of a GPS system!) that has the locations of all Walmart and Sam's Club stores. We tend to choose an exit with one of these for two reasons 1) they usually have gas and 2) it's usually a decent part of town. All that said, we stayed in a nice part of KC in a super nice La Quinta hotel. When Monty walked in to check their prices they told him it would be $109. thanks! He started to leave and the desk clerk asked where he worked. Monty told him Walmart. Well, that made the price of the room $59. Yeah...that's more like it! The room was HUGE and we enjoyed the king size bed. Can't wait to move into a bigger house and buy one of those!
Sunday we headed straight home so we could be back in time for church services Sunday night. I was so glad to be HOME! No more sharing a room with a baby or living out of a suitcase!
I do love vacations though and have already started dreaming (I am such a plan ahead person) about where we might go next year. I'm thinking the beach......

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