Sunday, January 3, 2010

8 months

*Aiden has just started crawling! He's not that fast yet but he will crawl if there's something he wants.

*He's so good during church and is learning to sit on the pew and play quietly. Maybe this will keep up into his toddler years!

*We are slowly beginning the transition from mashed up food to "real" food. I try to give him at least one food that we are eating each meal. He is really good at feeding himself most things.

*My favorite thing these days are the funny faces he makes. He is starting to imitate what we do and it is hilarious! At meal times we can sit and watch him do the funniest things. I think he may be beginning to realize that he can entertain us!

*We are using the word "no" a lot more often, mostly during bath time. He insists on standing in the tub, I insist he sit in the tub. One of many battles that will come! ha

*Aiden's first two little teeth finally broke through! Teething causes him not to sleep well at night, so hopefully we'll be back to normal soon.

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