Friday, December 4, 2009

Seven Months

Aiden was seven months old on Wednesday. Here's what I want to remember about this month ....
* He is eating three solid meals a day and nursing every four hours. I am still making all his baby food. He loves yogurt (I don't make that!) and fruit. Aiden is really doing well with finger foods. If it is solid, like a Gerber puff, then he will pick it up. If it is a little mushy, like bananas, then he just likes to smash it! We are trying to get him to drink juice from a sippy cup. He gets the concept, but still will only drink a few sips before he wants to play with the cup.

* This month he has really settled into a routine during the day. He wakes up between 8:30 and 9:00 and eats breakfast. Then he plays for a little while and is ready for a nap about 11:00. He'll sleep about an hour and then we play and/or run errands. After that he'll eat lunch then is ready for a nap. His afternoon nap is about 1.5 hours. I put him down for nap in his crib and he goes to sleep pretty quickly without fussing. Usually he'll roll over on his stomach and stretch out to sleep. Bathtime is at 8:00 and he's usually asleep by 9:15. Of course, when we are away from home then all bets are off. He doesn't sleep well in his pack-n-play.

* Still NO TEETH!
* Aiden is trying so hard to crawl. From a sitting position he can get into a semi-crawling position. Then he just flops on his belly and pushes himself backward. This gets him really frustrated because he just moves farther from his toys instead of closer. It's funny to us, but not to him!

* He can grab his toes and put them in his mouth.

* If he is sitting next to something short he can pull himself up and be on his knees. He's not quite able to pull himself all the way to a standing position.

* Overall he is a great baby! He loves to smile and giggle. We've discovered that he is very ticklish on his belly. His favorite toys are books and anything that makes noise. Honestly, if it crinkles or he can bang it, then he loves it.

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