Friday, May 8, 2009

At Home

We are all adjusting well to life at home. Aiden is doing a great job sleeping and eating and is getting into a somewhat regular schedule. He is letting us sleep at night for about three hours at a time so we are both staying pretty rested.

My grandparents came from Hot Springs yesterday to visit. Aiden slept the whole time and let them hug and love on him the whole time they were here.

I am slowly recovering but have had so much help from Mom and Monty!! Monty gets up with me at night while I feed Aiden since I can't get in and out of the rocker with him. He has been great to change diapers and do anything else I need him to do. He will be at home with me for another two weeks. Yeah for paternity leave! Mom has been cooking and cleaning and is enjoying being a grandma.

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